Animated basketball drills
Offense 2 on 2
Playname: 2 on 2 guard/forward
2 on 2 Guard/Forward

Start with lines of at least 3 in every corner.
• Player 1 passes to the right hand side, from baseline corner to midline corner to player 2.
• Player 1 crosses court diagonally.
2 on 2 Guard/Forward

Player 2 at mid court passes to player 3 at his right and crosses court diagonally.
2 on 2 Guard/Forward

Player 3 at mid court passes to player 4 at his right and starts playing offense on player 1.
2 on 2 Guard/Forward

As soon as player 4 receives the ball he tries to go to the basket, player 2 must play defense.
• If there is no lay-up  it's 2 on 2.

• - Every player rotates to the right.

Emphasize that passers run fast to their offensive opponents.
Drill submitted by: Peter Meurs
Sub categories: Defense 2 on 2, Closeout, Communication

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