Animated basketball drills
Playname: 4 vs 3 box
Skills practiced: locating opponents/rotating on defense

Players required:  8

We line up 4 offensive players in a square just slightly outside the lane and place 3 defensive players in the lane.
The 4 offensive players may not drive but may shoot at any time.
The 3 defensive players must defend the player with the ball (but not block the shot) as well as two of the other offensive players.
They must deny hard if they are one pass away and play on the help line if two passes away.
All defenders must rotate (and communicate) to cover again after each pass (they can't steal passes) to be in position to defend and to rebound.
When a shot is taken all three defenders must box out (one offensive player is knowingly unaccounted for), rebound, outlet to one of his partners and attack a single defender at the opposite end of the court transitioning a rebound into a fast break.
The three offensive players then move to defense with the 4th player drifting back to play defense at the opposite end while the four former offensive players jump in to man the box formation.
Don't let the offensive 'beat' the defensive team early in the teaching of the drill.
Have them execute passes and catches and prepare to shoot but still let the defensive players get to their adjusted spots after each pass.
Instruct offensive players to shoot within 3 or 4 passes (or less) to initiate more rebound opportunities.
We have just begun to use this same idea with the offense in a diamond shape alignment that gives us a post player to defend at all times and it seems to be even more beneficial for our bigger, post players.

Also, we have tried both drills against 2 defenders at the far end of the court to simulate a 3 on 2 fast break opportunity.
Drill submitted by: Wim Seynaeve
Sub categories: Boxing out, Defense

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