Animated basketball drills
Playname: 5 seconds
This drill is great for building aggression and working on communication.

Players within the inner circle are on the same team and will travel counter clockwise. Players within the outer circle are on the same team and will travel clockwise.

When the coach yells "go", players begin moving in their respective directions
The objective of the game is for your team to grab the ball.  When the coach yells "ball", all players try and gain possession of the ball.  After every point, teams switch from inside to outside and vice versa.  Team that secures the ball gets a point, and the competition repeats until one team reaches the decided number of points.

1. Individual who obtains the ball needs to successfully pass to a teammate for a point to count.
2. Team who obtains the ball needs to score a basket in order to receive an extra point.
Drill submitted by: Denita Dyck
Sub categories: Boxing out, Aggression

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