Animated basketball drills
Playname: 2 on 2 continuous
• Transition defense
• Transition offense

Players are aligned in columns on the free throw line extended.

Beginning of the drill:
• Team 1 starts the drill by going on a 2x2 offense against team 2.
• Team 3 will be the next offense to the opposite side of the court, with team 1 on defense
• After shooting or losing the ball, offense will play defense to the other side of the court
• After recovering the ball, defense makes first pass for next offensive team and then goes to the end of the outside columns

The drill is continuously repeated.

Excellent drill for conditioning and practicing transition defense and offense with game-like conditions.
Drill submitted by: Antonio Barrote
Sub categories: Offense 2 on 2, Defense 2 on 2, Conditioning

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