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Playname: 3 on 3 continuous
3 on 3 Continuous

3 on 3 requires 10 or more players with 2 sideline outlets or 8 players with 1 sideline outlet.
• 1 ball

• Offense run the three lanes effectively and score a basket
• Pressure defense to either force a turnover and/or intercept the ball
• Once a score is made the rebounder primarily looks to pass to an outlet team players waiting at the sideline
• When players change from offense to defense - the player closest to centre court defends the back half of the court until help arrives  and the player defending closest to the made basket defends the rebounder
• Rebounder is rewarded by staying in the game
3 on 3 Continuous

Initial Setup
3 offense players at half court
• 3 defense players around the 3 point line
• Remaining offense players at both sidelines in- line with the offense free throw line
• Remaining defense  players at both sidelines in-line with the defense free throw line

• Ball carrier dribbles ball down and passes to a wing

Optional Scoring
First team to 10
• 1 point for a hoop
• 1 point for an intercept
• Coach may run a penalty for the loosing team to keep it competitive

• Any play can be made

3 on 3 Continuous

Once the hoop is made, the defending rebounder changes to offense, the 2 remaining defensive players come off court to opposite sidelines and the orginal offensive players change to defense.

3 on 3 Continuous

The rebounder usually passes to an outlet
3 on 3 Continuous

• The aim is the dribbler (whoever it is at the time) ideally runs the centre lane and the offense players without the ball run the outside lanes ahead of the ball carrier
• This gives the dribbler passing options to either side of the court, to avoid sideline traps or being sidelined out of court

Note: Dribbling isn't mandatory as passing is usually encouraged if a player is open
3 on 3 Continuous

If a turnover happens, offense switch to defense and defense to offense and the play continues with no outlet passes to sideline until a basket or rebound is made.
Drill submitted by: Wayne Norton
Sub categories: Conditioning, Offense 3 on 3, Defense

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