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Animation help
A short overview of the browsers that were tested and an explanation of the different play buttons.

Last update : 13-May-2003

Browsers tested
The animations and the underlying scripts were tested with the following browsers:
  • Internet explorer 5, 5.5 and 6
  • Netscape 4.7x and 6
  • Opera 5 and 6
  • Linux
  • Mozilla 0.9.9
  • Netscape 7
  • Konqueror 3

  • Animation buttons
    Play Play
    Pressing the play button will move the play to the next sequence. If the loop button is enabled the play will loop through the sequences stopping for 3 seconds when new text is available.

    Pause Pause
    Pressing the pause button will stop the animation when it is playing.

    Stop Stop
    The stop button will stop the animation, if it was playing, and set the animation back the first sequence.

    Previous Previous
    Pressing the previous button will move you one sequence back, if the animation was playing it will be stopped. When you are at the first sequence nothing happens.

    Next Next
    The next button will stop the animation and move you to the next sequence. Nothing will happen when you are at the last sequence of the animation.

    If the loop button is enabled the animation will loop when the play button is pressed.
    On some browsers a slider is visible, with this slider the animation speed can be slowed or accelerated.