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Playname: Cutters With Dive
The Cutters play starts off with either the 4/5 at the free throw and the 4/5 at the opposite block.  

The PG is at the top of the key, with the wings on either side at free-throw line extended.

If the PG passes to the right side of the wing, the block side needs to clear.
After (1) pass the ball to the wing, (4) comes and sets a back pick.

Once the wing receives the ball, his 1st option is the (1) cutting through.
After the (1) goes thru, the 2nd option is for the (4) cutting back down to the block.

It is important for the wing to square up and triple threat, even pumping the pass to the cutters.
If the (1) or (4) is not open, the wing should reverse the ball back to the top of the key.
After (4) goes thru, (5) comes to the free throw, the other wing (3) replaces the top.  

The play restarts on the left side.
Pass goes to the left wing, high post sets a pick, then follows the cutter through.

The Cutters play is called cutters because of all the different cutters cutting thru the paint.  

You can now implement the DIVE option, this is where the opposite wing DIVES to the paint following the top guard and screener.  The opposite wing DIVES instead of replacing to the top of the key. This is very hard to defend since you have 3 players cutting to the basket after the initial pass.

This offense can be run vs. a man or 2 front man zone defense.
Anytime the cutters are not open, the ball should be reversed back to the top.
Play submitted by: Randy Narciso
Sub categories: Offense man, Offense

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