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Offense 1-3-1
Playname: Indiana high-post
1 brings up the ball while 2 and 3 get open on the wing. 1 passes to 2 or 3 and the low post on the strong side comes to the high-post.

Note: at any time if  1,2,3 can take the open jumpshot or take their man 1 on 1 to the hole, then they should take the opportunity to do so. And this play can be run from either side

Principals of this offense:

* perimeter players need to make good, crisp passes.
* everyone must be aware of what's going on and make their decisions fast.
* posts cannot post up for too long or camp in the key while posting up.
*everyone needs to be spread out!
Option 1: after the point guard has passed the ball to which ever wing he chooses, he fakes going to the weak side, and makes a v-cut to the strong-side for the easy give n' go while the high post screens his man. The pass from 2 should be a bounce pass.

Note: good teams will not take long to figure out that this will be the first option, eventually, the point guard may just want to run through the key to the weak-side baseline.

Note: at any time the wings have the ball and there are two low-posts on each side of the floor, the wing with the ball can just play a simple pick and roll with the low-post on their side.
Option 2: if option 1 is not there, 1 continues through the key and goes through to the weak-side baseline. After setting the screen for 1, the high-post returns to the low-post and posts up   to receive the feed from 2 and then posts up his man for the easy bucket.

Note: 4 cannot post up too long
Option 3: if the pass cannot go into 4, he screens across the key for 5 fives who flashes through the lane to receive a pass from 2. 5 should get an easy bucket as well. (hook-shot would work well for 5 after receiving the pass) 4 should now end up on the other low block.
Option 4: if either low-post option is not there, 3 must come to the top of the arc and 2 passes to 3 if he is open, he can take the open jumper or take his man 1 on 1. If it is not there, he continues swinging the ball to 1 who should move to fill in 3's position after he has moved to the top. If 1 is open than he can take the jumper or take his man 1 on 1.
The options 1 and 3 should be looking for in this position.

Note: getting open looks may be hard, so they may want to look to pass right away sometimes when the look isn't there.
Option 5: if 1, and 3 fail to get open jumpers or 1 on 1 opportunities, the ball should be in 1's hands.

1 looks inside to 4 who is now posting up. 1 feeds 4 the ball for the bucket in the low-post.
If all of these options should fail, 1 who has the ball now just passes back to 3 who re-starts the offence from the top! :)

And remember, if the perimeter players have good looks at jumpers, or have an open lane to drive to the hole or go 1 on 1 with his man, THEN USE IT!!!
Play submitted by: Aaron Choo

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