Animated basketball plays
Offense 1-4
Playname: Princeton 1-4
Princeton Offense
1-4 high set which is a similar version to the Marquette offense.

*post players and wings are interchangeable

All set plays can be run off of this offense
1. top
2. side
3. slip
4. swing
5. switch

Post players screen down to the elbows for both wings.  Wings will read the defense and react, but will need to get open on the wing to receive the pass.
1 passes the ball to either wing and screen for the opposite wing player.  

The ball side post player drops to the low block to post up.  5 v-cuts to the ball side wing.  (High-low game if available)

Both 1 and 3 will survey the defense and square up for the shot.  1 has the entire backside of the play to set up for the skip pass.
After looking for the high low look, 4 and 5 screen.  (options are for an up screen or down screen)  

Again, the first look will be the high low game..
If no option is available reset offense and start again or play one of the other options.
Play submitted by: Timothy Nottke

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