Animated basketball plays
Offense 1-4
Playname: Quatro
Start in normal 1-4 alignment.

1 has 4 pass options.  

We want the ball to be passed to the 2 guard.
Once 2 has the ball 4 & 5 will drop to low blocks and post up.

2 has immediate pass to 5 if available.

3 moves into position for a baseline cut.  

4 prepares for back screen.

If 5 is not open he will pop to the strong side corner area.

3 runs off 4 screen and looks for the ball in the paint.
2 can pass to 3 in the paint (primary) or 5 in the corner.
If 5 gets the ball, he will drive to the basket off a back screen by 3.  

2 & 1 will switch positions.
If neither option is available for 2 he will reverse the ball to 1.  

1 can take the shot if open.  

3 prepares back screen for 5.  

4 pops to corner area on ball reversal.
1 dribbles to wing, 2 moves to point.

1 has 4 in the corner for a quick jumper or 5 in the lane off of the screen.
Once in the wing,
1 can pass to:
4 in corner,
5 in low post,
3 for the skip pass behind defense,
or 2 to reverse the action.
Play submitted by: John Clement

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