Animated basketball plays
Offense 1-4
Playname: Red 1
Coach Troy Culley
Torbay Tigers Basketball Club (England)

Red (A)

Initial 1-4 Set.

Quick hitter to isolate a strong inside post and a 3pt catch and shoot if defense sags to cover the post player.

• 1 makes wing entry to 2
• 4 sets screen for 1, who looks for the layup if it is on.
Red (B)

• 1 clears out.
• 4 turns and cross screens for 5.
• 3 curls to the top of the arc at the same time 5 comes off 4s screen.
• 2 looks for the 5 on the quick post isolation or 3 on the catch and shoot if his/her defender has sagged into the key to help cover 5.
Red (C)

5 also has the option to set up the sideline pick and roll with the other 3 players forming a weakside triangle instead of sliding to the post.
Play submitted by: Troy Culley
Sub category: Offense man

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