Animated basketball plays
Offense 1-4
Playname: Red 2
Coach Troy Culley
Torbay Tigers Basketball Club (England)

Red 2 (A)

Quick Hitter from a 1-4 set that isolates the side pick and roll.

• 2 curls over whilst 3 goes under to get open, can work either way.
Red 2 (B)

• 1 basket cuts and clears after the wing entry.
• 3 relocates on the wing to balance the side of the floor.
• 4 sprints to set a dummy screen then slips to the short corner.
Red 2 (C)

• 5 sprints across into the space created by 5 and runs the pick and roll with 2.
• 1 and 3 perimeter catch and shoot.
Play submitted by: Troy Culley
Sub category: Offense

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