Animated basketball plays
Playname: 1 post
2 and 3 go to low post.
4 and 5 go out of the arc.

If 4 and 5 have trouble to get free set screens.

1 passes to a post (in this example he passes to his right).
Wing on this side is going to make a cut to the other side.

5 passes to 1.

1 passes to 4.
3 begins cut to receive the ball.

2 screens for 3.
4 passes to 3 and he can shoot or go to the basket.
If 3 cannot shoot, 4 cuts to the basket and tries to receive the ball.

1 replaces 4.
If the pass is not possible, 3 passes to 1.

4 goes to the weak side.
2 sets a screen for 5 and he tries to receive the ball.
1 has good chances to make a pass,

But if he cannot do it, the ball is reversed to 2.

3 cuts to the other side and he receives blocks from 4 and 5.

2 passes to 3 for a shot.
Play submitted by: Pedro Luis

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