Animated basketball plays
Playname: 4 low
Coach Troy Culley
Torbay Tigers Basketball Club (England)

4 - Signalled by the ball handler holding 4 fingers in the air with his off hand as he brings the ball up.

Quick hitter to isolate the PG and your best inside player.

• PG comes down whatever side of the floor he can attack the middle off his dominant hand, diagram shows right handed guard.
• Best player sets up on the opposite side block.

• 1 and 5 run the pick and roll, 1 looks to get to the rim first and if this isn't on then looks for the roll.
• 2 relocates to drag the help side defender out of place.
• 3 and 4 both either relocate to spot up positions on the perimeter or 4 sets a decoy screen in the corner.
Play submitted by: Troy Culley
Sub categories: Offense man, Offense, Pick and roll

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