Animated basketball plays
Offense 3 on 3
Playname: Weave 2
Dribble weave.

Player 1 dribbles towards player 2  and sets a screen for player 2, by doing a reverse pivot on the inside leg (leg closest to the basket).

Player 2 sets up the screen, uses the screen and receives a hand off from player 1.
Player 2 dribbles towards player 3 and sets a screen for player 3.

Player 3 set ups the screen by taking his/hers defender inside the bucket.

Player 3 uses the screen of 2. After the defender of 3 has been blocked player 2 makes a reverse pivot on the inside leg to block out his/hers own defender and gives the pass to 3. Who will shoot and score.
Play submitted by: Jes-Soft
Sub category: Offense

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