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Offense 4-1
Playname: Base Set
4-1 Motion youth league set.

This offense has two basic rules.

1. Whenever you pass to the sideline you cut
2. Whenever you pass to the high post the weak side cuts.

This play describes rule 1.

The initial alignment is a deception to draw the defense in to the key.
1 determines which side to start by coming down on that side of the court.
Now in 4 out 1 in.

Rule 1:  
The ball passed to the sideline, so 1 is the cutter.

Wing 2 and 4 are V-cutting aggressively.  This sucks the defense into the paint.
1 can not cut straight down the lane, but must set up the pick and roll by motioning to the center of the court.
Wings must allow time for this pick and roll to happen before cutting aggressively.
Wings MUST fake every option.  The defense must be made to work at all times.

Option #1 is to hit the cutter, if the post picks them up option #2 is the post rolling down
If the defender picks up the cutter, option #2 is to the post
Now let's say the defense picks up both the cutter and the roller...

As soon as 1 cuts, 2 should be jab-stepping towards the key.
As soon as the pick and roll is broken down, the ball reversal is initiated and all players shift

As soon as three passes he goes back door to the low block
Ideally this ball reversal happens in rhythm, allowing 1 to catch the pass in the corner in motion for an open 3.
Let's say the defender closes out to 1 denying the shot.

This initiates the pick and roll between 5 and 4.
Play submitted by: Jordan Ferguson
Sub categories: Offense zone, Offense youth, Offense rule based

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