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Playname: High double
The High Double starts off by having O4 and O5 each set a screen for O1.

O1 can drive off of either screen.
In this example O1 drives to the right, using O5's screen. O5 rolls off of the screen to the basket.
O1 drives toward the baseline. The first 3 options present themselves here.

Option 1 is to pass to O5 for the lay-up.

Option 2
is for O1 to take a midrange jump shot. If D3 slides over to take away O1's shot, then

Option 3
is to pass to O2 for a corner three. O4 moves to the top of the key, and O3 moves to
midrange on the wing setting up Option 4.
Option 4 is used when the defense shuts down the first 3 options. Option 4 is for O1 to reverse the ball to O4, who immediately reverses it to O3.
As the ball is reversed O5 seals off her defender and moves to the middle of the lane. Now O3 has 2 options. Pass to O5 or shoot it.
Play submitted by: Josh Murray

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