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Playname: High post - forward entry
In a 2 guard front with the 1 and 2 two to 3 steps outside the three point line (standing about 10 feet apart), the 5 at the strong side elbow, and the 3 and 4 starting in the short corners, the 1 starts out with the ball.  

The 4 flashes to the weak side elbow.  

The 1 passes to the 4.
The 1 then cuts to try to get a hand-off from 4.

If the 4 hands the ball off, the 4 then rolls.  

Just as the 1 cuts and gets by the 2, the 2 goes off a flare screen from the 5.
The 3 then steps up to give the 5 a back screen to flash to the basket.
Play submitted by: Anthony Boone

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