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Playname: 5 (old motion offense) fist!
Play 5, Bulls offense.

A good starting offense to help promote movement and replacing after cutting. I start with this at U/12 level upwards.

Basic Motion Offense.
1 starts motion by passing to 2.
1 then cuts thru key looking for pass from 2.
5 steps in and sets screen for exiting 1.
If 1 does not receive ball from 2 he continues out weak side base.

At this time 3 rotates to 1 first position and 1 will fill 3 position.
4 leads to sideline from base and receives ball from 2.

2 then cuts to basket and looks for pass from 4.
1 and 3 rotate top fill strong side wing and top positions.

2 fills weak side wing.

4 has outside shot or quickly rotates ball back around top to 2 as he fills wing for shot.
4 then moves back towards basket for rebounding position.
3 fills lane as the third rebounder.

If shot not taken play can continue from this side.
Play submitted by: John Moroney

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