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Playname: 4 out and 1 in motion offense
This play is a motion play that works against a man to man defense.

In order to use the play you will need at least four players that are pretty good ball handlers.

The play can start on either side of the court.

The two players that are at the top of the key I will refer to as the guards. The two that are right below the free throw line extended will be called the corners and the 5 player will be called the center.

We will start with a guard to guard pass. The passing guard will down screen for the corner.

The corner should take a jab step towards the goal in order to set his man up for the screen.
We will now show another wing to wing pass occurring on the other side.

The center should be looking to post his man up at all times and to get between his man and the ball.
If the pass goes from wing to corner, the guard will set a screen for the opposite guard.

The opposite guard will cut off the screen looking to get the pass from the corner for an easy layup.
After setting the screen the guard will immediately roll back to the ball to give the corner somewhere to throw the ball as an outlet.

The opposite corner will also roll up to fill the empty slot.

We call this a wheel.
After the guard cuts through the center will cut down right off his heels and try to post up his man.
When the pass returns to the top, 5 returns to the center position and the play is reset.
When the defense starts overplaying the down screen we take the following action:

When the corner takes the step in to use the down screen, he will read the defense and look to backdoor cut and receive a pass from the guard position. The person setting the down screen simply rolls back to the ball.
If we don't get the ball to the cutter, he stops at the block and sets a screen for a flex cut from the opposite block.

The cut does not occur however until the ball is returned to the guard cutting back to his position.
If the flex cut does not work then the corners pop back out and we are reset.
If the ball is ever entered into the center at the high post we perform what is called a scissor cut.
The opposite guard cuts through first and the corner fills.
The passing guard cuts next and his corner also fills.
They continue cutting and we are once again reset.

After the cuts the post can look to make a move on his man to the basket.
This play has great continuity.

It can be used to run time off the clock when coming down to the end of the game.
You can also use it to sometimes lull your opponent to sleep and hit them with a backdoor cut for an easy layup. It's easy to teach through repetition and could be even run by some junior high school teams.
Play submitted by: Joey Swinford
Sub categories: Offense man, Offense 4 out 1 in, Offense

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