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Offense motion
Playname: Basline motion
This play must be called and in effect as the point is bringing the ball up the court.  

The pass should be made as the pick is being set so that the ball will arrive to the forward as he clears the pick.

The forward must step to the pass before he begins his cut to the basket in order to dell the defense on the outside threat.
The cut is made into the heart of the defense utilizing a drop step to seal the defender playing the ball.  Your forward should be fairly capable in his ball handling.  The center (5) first seals the defender he picked and then trails the forward to the basket establishing inside rebounding position.  Both guards and the off-side forward step to basket and seal their men off.  The forward has five options.  If the play is run quickly enough he should be free to the basket against a man 2 man.  If facing a zone, the forward must get to the basket before the weak side defender playing 4 slides in to the lane.  If the defense covers the lane quickly enough the leave 4 open for the spot-up.  1and 2 are also available for outlet passes.  If nothing (shot or pass) is available 3 releases towards 4 with the ball.
1 and 2 must be able to immediately recognize if 3 will shoot, pass or trail out baseline with the ball.  In the case of the later, 1 and 2 run and interference pattern with the intent of freeing 1 for a pass out to the top.  5 resets on the block, ball side, and the play has reset itself to run from the opposite side.  It is usually more effective to start this play with the ball coming up the left side of the court.  It allows the 3 man to make his cut to the basket with his right side controlling the ball where most players are more comfortable.
Play submitted by: Mike Hollis

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