Animated basketball plays
Offense motion
Playname: Carolina motion
1 - point starts up top.

2&3 - shooting guards start down on blocks.

4&5 - forwards start at foul line extended.
• Forwards screen down to the blocks, shooting guards cut to wings.

Keys to success:
• Wing must use ball fakes before passing into lane.
• Fake high and bounce pass to low post. Fake low and pass high to cutter. etc...
• Players cutting should look for pass and have hands out ready to receive pass.
• 1 passes to wing and screen away for 3
• 4 post up for two count and then clear lane
• 3 cut down lane off 1 screen, look for pass, and then clear baseline
• 5 - after two count, roll elbow then down lane to low post

1) pass to 4 low post
2) 2 dribble drive if open lane
3) pass to cutter, at either high or low post
4) pass to 5 at elbow, 5 look for 4 and 3 under basket
5) pass to 5 at low post

If no option is available:
• 2 dribble to point, 3 cut to wing

• Continue Motion: can reverse direction and run on opposite side
• 1 and 3 screen down for 4 and 5
• 2 pass to wing and screen away
• 1 post for two count and clear lane
• 5 cut down lane off 2 screen
• 3 flash to elbow and then to low post
• 4 looks for passing options or dribble drive
Play submitted by: Jim Lonn
Sub category: Offense man

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