Animated basketball plays
Offense t-game
Playname: T-game 00
Initial Set.  
(1) brings up the ball.
(2) & (3) are set shoulder to shoulder just above the free throw line.  
(4) & (5) are set at just below level of dotted circle on opposite sides of the lane.

Check the options in the next 4 T-game plays.
As (1) brings the ball to one side, the opposite side guard (2) breaks into the lane and around the post player (4) on the ball side.
The other guard (3) breaks to shooting area opposite the ball.
After the guards break, the opposite post (5) player moves to high-post area (17-ft area).  
The low post player (4) posts up.
Play submitted by: Mark Kelley
Sub category: Offense

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