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Offense t-game
Playname: T-game 02
Option #2 ( point to wing):
(1) passes to wing (2).  
(1) & (3) interchange positions with (1) setting a pick for (3).
(3) can optionally cut around (5) and down the lane.  
(4) posts low, and if she doesn't get the ball will cut across the lane.  
(5) will slide to low post position.

(2) can look for low post (4) on a quick post-up.
Next, look for (3) coming around to open shooting area on ball side or coming off a double screen [from (1) & (5)] and cutting down the lane.
Otherwise, look for (5) cutting from high post to low post.
High post (5) moves to low post position.  
(4) moves to high post.
(3) & (1) interchange positions.
(1) can optionally cut around high post (4) and down the lane.  
Low post (5) clears to opposite side.
High post (4) moves to low post position.  
(5) moves to high post.
Play submitted by: Mark Kelley
Sub categories: Offense T-game option 2, Offense

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