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Playname: 1-4 vs zone 1
This offense works really well against a 2-3 zone and even better against a 2-1-2 zone defense.

I have two major variations of the same play that I usually call Zone 1 and 2 but I'm sure most of you will come up with more creative names.

Slow the ball down after you get across half and allow your post guys to get inside.

ZONE  1: Keeps the post players in the post for the entire sequence. There are several different options under Zone 1 which are outlined as well

It's important for P-1 to make the defense play them. P-1 can also look to P-4 or P-5 sealing the defender who has not come out to defend them (P-1) for an easy inlet pass and shot.
ZONE 1 - Beginning

P-1: Makes a swing pass to one of the wings. He/she will later make a cut towards the hoop but could end up being last person back.

P-2: Receives the pass from P-1 and looks for P-5 sliding down the key and P-4 cutting across the key.

P-3: Cuts through the holes, looking for the ball and pops out on the baseline for a jumper or a pass into the post

P-4: Slides across the key to the high post. If P-4 gets the ball either look for the shot, a drive or high-low action. If nothing's there, outlet and reset the offense.

P-5: Slides down the key looking for the ball. Post up on D-4 or D-5. Sometimes the best look is from P-3 on the baseline when D-5 steps out to defend.
ZONE 1 - Wing Entry

P-1: Makes a backdoor cut on the weak side behind D-1. If it's not open, reset out to the wing on the left.

P-2: Has the option to pass to P-4, P-5 or P-3. P-2 must make the defense come out and play them for the offense to be successful. A couple of one dribble shots or even just taking one or two dribbles in towards the key will pull the defender out on them more, opening up the post pass.

P-3: Has just cut from the weak side under the hoop. P-3 is either open for an easy jumper or a 3-pointer. If D-5 steps out to play the shot, a quick pass into P-5 who has lots of space to make a good post move.
P-4: Goes to the gap not the spot. The 2-3 and 2-1-2 or 1-2-2 has huge gaping holes, especially with weaker teams. P-4 is sliding across the key but the important thing is to go to the open space. P-4 will often get an easy shot if there is a quick pass from P-1 to P-2 and straight in. The other option is for P-4 to hesitate for a few seconds and then cut across allowing the zone to shift and present the holes.

P-5: Slides down the key, looking for the ball on the slide. Should be a strong post up on D-5 or D-4 depending who steps up to defend.
ZONE 1 - Baseline Entry

IF the ball is entered into the baseline at P-3 there are 5 options. P-3 must make D-5 step out to play defense. Be aggressive and make a couple shots. P-1 is also the weak side rebounder on a shot from P-3, P-4 or P-5. P-2 would fill in as last man back.

Option 1: If there's no pass inside or no shot from P-3, kick the ball back to P-2 and they dribble to the top of the horn, resetting the offense.

Option 2: A pass into P-5 who is posting up D-4.

Option 3: A pass into the high post who has sealed D-1 or D-2 away from the hoop
Option 4: Look for the one dribble, low pass across the key to P-1 sneaking in on the weak side. This works especially well if the defense is cheating across the key too much.

Option 5: A quick pass to P-4 and then quickly to P-1 as D-3 steps out to defend P-4.
ZONE 1 - Reset

P-1: Pops out to the weakside wing if they don't receive the ball or get a rebound.

P-2: Receives the pass from P-3 and dribbles it up to the top to reset the offense.

P-3: Fills the right wing.

P-4: See Sequence 6

P-5: See Sequence 6
ZONE 1 - Options

OPTION 1: (Lines labeled 1)
P-4: Slides back across the key to the high post

P-5: Slides back up the key to the high post.

Offense is now reset.

OPTION 2: (Lines labeled 2)
This will work well if there is a quick reversal, not a slow reversal.

P-4: Slides across the key to the low post looking for the ball all the way across,

P-5: Slides from the low post to the high post looking for the ball. A hesitation will allow the zone to attempt to shift to cover the options and then P-5 can go to the holes created.
Play submitted by: Chris Horton
Sub category: Offense 1-4

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