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Offense zone
Playname: 1-4 vs zone 1/2 option
Instead of having the weak-side wing player cut low and pop out on the baseline, P-1 can cut down through the key and pop out on the wing.

If P-5 is sliding down to the low post, P-4 should wait for P-1 to go through before sliding over to the high post.

If he does this it means that there will be more options for him when he does move across.

P-2 Instead of heading across the key will make a v-cut and pop out at the top to reverse the ball later OR he can cut in back door, leaving P-3 to dribble the ball to the top of the key and P-1 to fill the right wing.
Play submitted by: Chris Horton
Sub category: Offense 1-4

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