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Playname: 1-4 vs zone 2
This offense works really well against a 2-3 zone and even better against a 2-1-2 zone defense.

I have two major variations of the same play that I usually call Zone 1 and 2 but I'm sure most of you will come up with more creative names.

Slow the ball down after you get across half and allow your post guys to get inside.

ZONE 2: Rotates players around a little to change up the look and to create some different options. Also has several options under the label Zone 2.

It's important for P-1 to make the defense play them. P-1 can also look to P-4 or P-5 sealing the defender who has not come out to defend them (P-1) for an easy inlet pass and shot.

This is a slight variation on Zone 1 which allows you to cycle guys into the post if you end up running through the offense more than once.

Works well if you don't have several bigger guys who can ball handle well. Also changes up the look of the offense which allows you to use them both more often.
ZONE 2 - Pass to the wing and movement

P-1: Passes the ball to P-2 or P-3. He will be doing the same thing in this version of the offense as the Zone 1.

P-2: Receives the pass from P-1 and looks to P-4, P-5 and P-3 for a pass inside or low.

P-3: Instead of going all the way across the key and popping out on the baseline, P-3 becomes the low post player. The zone will shift to accommodate P-4 popping out on the wing and P-3 should be able to go to the gap and post up.
P-4: slides down the key as usual but instead of posting up, fakes the post up and pops out to the baseline wing. P-4 looks for the pass into P-3 coming across the key or P-4 at the high post.

P-5: slides across the key and posts up on the high post
ZONE 2 - Pass inside

P-1: does the same thing as in Zone 1

P-2: does the same thing as in Zone 1

P-3: Is now the post player and is posting up in the low post

P-4: Looks for the pass into P-5, P-3, P-2 or P-1

P-5: Post-up on the high post.
ZONE 2 - Reset

P-1: does the same thing as in Zone 1

P-2: does the same thing as in Zone 1

P-3: Is now the post player and is reseting as P-4/P-5 did in Zone 1 (both options are possible)

P-4: Becomes the right wing guard.

P-5: Reset as in Zone 1 (both options possible)
Play submitted by: Chris Horton
Sub category: Offense 1-4

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