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Offense zone
Playname: 2-1-2 zone offense
Set up in a two-one-two.

Have the 4 at the high post, 5 and 3 will play on the block.
The defense has shifted on the pass from 2 to 1

D2 has to cover the high post and now D1 has the ball.

1 has a few options here.
If D4 extends out to far, then 5 can post up on D5. If D4 stays in, then 1 can pass to 2 for a shot if open.

If 2 shoot the ball, then we have rebounding coverage with 3 on the backside, 5 ball side and the 4 in the middle.
The pass is made to 2.

Now D2 is at a disadvantage by being behind 4.

If D1 stays out on 1, then 2 has the option of passing to 5 or look to hit 4 at the high post.
To reverse the ball, 2 will pass the ball back to 1 and cut back to opposite wing up high.
With D1 having to guard 1, and with 2 cutting high we hope that D2 will cover the cutter.

This will leave 4 open at the high post.
1 will pass to 4 and cut to the corner
4 has the ball and the defense should collapse.

4 will look down low to see if 5 or 3 are open under the basket.
This depends if D5 comes up to cover 4.
If so, then a scoring opportunity exist. If nothing there then 4 will pass out to 2 then to 1.

In this case:
2 receives the pass from 4.
1 receives the ball from 2.
The 1 has the option to pass into the low post to 3 or high to 4.

If 1 has a shot, then we should have good rebounding coverage.
Play submitted by: Anthony Branch

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