Animated basketball plays
Offense zone
Playname: 2-3 attack low
This is effective vs. a 2-3 zone that "bumps" the back line defender back on the wing to defend the post.

1 passes to 2.  

The zone adjusts as 4 posts strong side to occupy 3 and 5.

The backside post (5 here) sets up outside the weak side post defender, anticipating ball reversal.
2 has the ball on the wing.  

Once the zone settles, he passes out to 1.  

Defender 2 plays the ball.
1 immediately reverses the ball to 3.  

Because Defender 2 is on the ball, Defender 4 is forced to cover the wing.  Once Defender 4 clears the screen by 5, 5 posts as deep as he can on Defender 5.

On ball reversal, 4 moves outside Defender 3, anticipating ball reversal.
3 has the ball and looks for a post entry pass to 5.  

There's a small window for the pass, as Defender 2 is coming over to take the ball, and push Defender 4 back into the post.
Once the zone shifts, 3 passes out to 1...
The ball is reversed back to 2, and the action repeats.
Play submitted by: Tom Blasick

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