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Playname: 2-3 attack texas
We call this Texas, with the thought being that the "X" in Texas serves as reminder to the players for the post action.  

The key to this play is to make the bottom defenders (Defenders 3 and 4) cover the ball as much as possible, allowing 5 to post on Defender 5.

1 passes to 2 on the wing.  As the zone shifts, 4 and 5 move strong side.  1 slides over for a return pass.
2 needs to make Defender 3 play the ball, so he dribbles towards the baseline, forcing 3 out.  

As 3 comes out, 5 posts low on Defender 5, and 1 moves over for a return pass.
3 looks for 5 in the low post, then to 4 in the high post.  

If both are covered, he passes back out to 1.
1 receives the pass and immediately dribbles the ball to the other side, forcing the weak side defender (Defender 2) to play the ball.  

As the pass was made from 2 to 1, 4 screens Defender 5 and seals him down low.  5 cuts to the opposite high post.

3 stays wide and drops towards the baseline.
As 1 is dribbling across the top of the key, he peeks inside to 5, coming off the screen from 4.  If he's covered, 1 dribbles over and makes Defender 2 play the ball, and then passes to 3, forcing Defender 4 to now play the ball.

3 can look to shoot if Defender 4 reacts slowly, or he can look to drive if he comes out too fast.

4 must seal Defender 5 on his back immediately after screening.
3 immediately looks inside to 4, and then to 5 in the high post.  If 4 receives a pass, he can also look to 5 diving down the lane.  If 4 doesn't receive the pass, he moves outside the lane to avoid 3 seconds.

Watch for Defender 1 dropping to help on the high post, opening up a skip pass to 2 for a shot.  Also, on the skip pass, Defender 3 often runs out of control, allowing 2 an opportunity to drive baseline.
4 moved outside the lane and the zone adjusted.

3 passes out to 1 and the action continues on the other side.
Play submitted by: Tom Blasick

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