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Playname: 2:3 motion against zone pt2
This zone offense is a structured motion which is highly effective against odd front Zone defenses.
Through this offense we can take full advantage of the 3-point shots and to get the ball comfortably to the post players in the scoring position.
It is a simple offense which can be taught easily. In this Offense lot of skip passes are made which create gaps in zone and the defensives players have to do a lot of adjustments which gets the shooter go for a open 3 pointer.

# 1 passes the ball to # 2 and cuts to ball side corner.

# 5 sets a screen into the middle for # 4 flashing to ball side elbow and sets back to the Low post area.

# 2 passes the ball to # 4 at the high post.
If # 4 hits # 1, # 5 clears the lane and cuts to the other block.

# 4 will go for strong cut to the basket expecting a pass from # 1.
If # 4 passes the ball to # 3, then # 4 has two options:

• He can look for a lob pass from # 3 off # 5's back screen.
• # 4 can cut directly to the ball side block.
# 5 comes to the ball side elbow.

# 3 if open can go for 3-point shot otherwise dribbles to the corner to attract the defensive player on him so as to give an easy pass to # 4.

Points for Emphasis

• Do not rush for Jump Shot. Attack the zone in and dish the ball out to the open shooter.
• Use ball-fakes and exploit the gaps in the zone
• Screen the Zone and use Skip passes to open shooter.
• Dribble less and pass more against Zone, as it will take the thinking time away from the defensive players.
• REBOUND! REBOUND!, whenever a shot is attempted, attack the board because you can rebound better against a zone.
Play submitted by: Vinod Vachani
Sub categories: Offense motion, Offense

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