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Offense zone
Playname: 3-2 corner/low attack
This is and effective play vs. a 3-2 zone where the wing defender drops and plays the ball in the corner.

2 is your shooter.  4 and 5 are your post players, while 3 is your best passer and/or smartest decision maker.

1 brings the ball down and the offense sets up as shown here.

1 dribbles to the overloaded side and we anticipate the zone shifting as shown below.
1 passes to 3 in the corner.
3 looks inside for a low entry pass to 5.

Depending on where Defender 1 plays, 4 may be open at the high post.  

1 makes himself available for a return pass in case of a trap, etc.

If 3 can't shoot or pass to 5 or 4, he dribbles the ball back up to the wing.  1 slides over to the point.

As 3 dribbles the ball, Defender 2 should follow him, since he has wing responsibility.  2 cuts baseline to the corner where 3 vacated.
3 looks for 2 in the corner for a shot.

5 (low post) or 4 (high post) could also be open as Defenders 2 and 4 scramble to cover the ball.

3 cuts shallow to the opposite wing after he passes to 2.  1 replaces 3 and looks for a return pass from 2.

The zone shifts as 2 receives the pass.
If 2 can't score or feed the post, he passes out to 1.

1 receives the pass and dribbles across to the other side.

As the ball is being dribbled across, 4 screens Defender 4 and 5 cuts off his screen to the opposite high post.  

If Defender 3 rushes out to play the ball, 5 could be open in the middle of the key coming off 4's screen.
1 continues to dribble the ball to the other side, looking possibly for 5 in the lane as he comes across.

After he screens, 4 rolls to the low post.

3 flattens out low and 2 steps back into the weak side low post.
We now have the same look on the other side and the action continues.
Play submitted by: Tom Blasick

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