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Offense zone
Playname: Offense vs 1-2-2 zone (set 2)
1 passes to 2 and replaces 3 in the opposite direction.

3 cuts toward the bottom of the bucket circle and in the middle up towards the guard position.

4 cuts to the opposite side of the court.
2 passes to 3 and cuts through the zone.

4 sets a double screen with 5 for the cutting 2.
3 passes to 1 who looks for 2, who has used the double block of 4 and 5.

As soon as 2 has used the screens, 4 and 5 break, 4 makes a cut towards the foulline extended and 5 seals his position in the low post.

1 has two more passing options to 4 and 5.
Option a:
1 receives the pass from 3 and passes to 2 for a three pointer.
Option b:
1 receives the pass from 3 and passes to 5, who goes 1 to 1 in the post.
Option c:
1 receives the ball from 3 and passes to 4 who flashes to the top of the bucket.

4 can either penetrate or take a shot.

Play based on the compilation of set offenses by Gabriel Cichero
Play submitted by: Alberto Sattler
Sub category: Zone 1-2-2

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