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Offense zone
Playname: Offense vs 2-1-2 zone
1 decides which player will cut by dribbling towards him, in this case he dribbles to 2 so 2 will cut and 3 will get a pass from 1.
2 will get 2 screens from 4 and 5 while cutting.
After 2 has used the screen of 4, 4 will cut to the free throw line.
3 will pass the ball to 2 in the corner if he thinks 2 has a free shot or 2 and 5 can play a 2 men game.

2 can also pass to 4, if open, who has flashed to the corner of the free throw line.
If 3 doesn't pass the ball, he gets a screen of 4 (who continued moving) and dribbles towards the free throw line.

If 3 is open he can go for the basket.

Otherwise he can pass to 1 who is open.
1 can pass to 4. If no options appear, 4 and 5 will set screens for the cutting 2.

2 should time its cut so he arrives a second after 4 has reach his blocking position.

5 flashes to the free throw line and 3 gets open on the other side of the court.
2 can make a shot, penetrate to the basket of pass to the flashing 5.

Play based on a compilation of set offenses by Gabriel Cichero
Play submitted by: Alberto Sattler
Sub category: Offense

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