Animated basketball plays
Out of bounds baseline
Playname: Baseline out of bounds 108
Out of bounds baseline - Both (man or zone)

On ball tap, 3 and 2 break toward the long corner.
Zone defense

If 3 receives the pass, 5 now screens the middle defender in the zone, this allows 4 to come across the key to the ball.

If 2 receives the ball, 4 screens 5 and 3 goes to the guard spot.

Man to man defense

The same as above except that 4 and 5 will screen for 2 and 3 before working the cross screen.

If 2 receives the pass, everything is the same but in reverse.
2 cuts high for ball reversal, 5 opens to the ball then pops to the guard spot.
1 cuts opposite to the inbounds pass.
Play submitted by: Mark Hewish
Sub categories: Offense zone, Offense man

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