Animated basketball plays
Out of bounds baseline
Playname: Baseline out of bounds 109
Out of bounds baseline - Stack

1. Underneath the opposing teams basket we use "STACK"

2. Player 1 always takes the ball out.

3. The other players line up in a straight line or "STACK" formation on the LOW BLOCK with Player 5 the closest to the inbounds and 2 the farthest.
3. Player 5 breaks towards the basket looking for the ball

4. Player 4 sprints away from the basket to the corner

5. Player 3 curls, then fills open space between Player 5 and Player 4 just above the LOW BLOCK area.

6. Player 2 counts to 3 slowly then releases as a safety valve option.
Play submitted by: Tony Markowsky
Sub categories: Offense, Stack

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