Animated basketball plays
Secondary break
Playname: High low lob to motion
The 5 man usually trails on the inbounds and breaks.  This set is used to start the motion offense.  The idea is try to get a quick shot with the lob with the 5 man.

4 and 2 man set a double screen for the 5 man.

5 man then cuts to the basket for a possible lob.
4 man thens pops out to the top and 2 man goes and sets another screen for the 5 man.

The 5 man then cuts across the lane to post up for a possible entry pass.
Now that all options are taken up with the 5 man, the motion offense or freelance game starts.

4 man has received the ball.

5 man holds a post, then screens for the 2 man.

1 man screens for the 3 man.
Play submitted by: Carlton Metts
Sub category: Offense motion

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