Animated basketball plays
Secondary break
Playname: Kansas
4 inbounds the ball or has the rebound.
2 and 3 are the flyers each on a side of the court.
4 starts with a pass to the guard 1, who is at the same side as the rebound and parallel to the free throw line. This way the center knows where to look.
5 the other center goes through the middle.
As this play shows the secondary option 1 doesn't pass the ball to the flyers 2 or 3.
Instead the ball is passed to 4.
4 passes the ball to 3.
5 fakes low and comes to the low post on the ball side
2 cuts to the basket and sets a screen for 4.
4 cuts over the screen towards the basket.
2 steps out and receives the ball from 3.
2 passes the ball to 1.
And 4 sets a screen for 5
Again 5 cuts to the low post on the ball side.
2 sets a screen for 4 who cuts to the free throw line.
3 takes the place of 2.
1 passes to 4 who makes the jumper.
Play submitted by: Joe Thomas
Sub categories: Transition, Offense, Fast break

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