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Secondary break
Playname: Secondary break-carolina
1 gets as far up the floor as possible with his back to the sideline and calls "outlet!"

4 and 5 and interchangeable as well as 2 and 3.

2 and 3 fill the outside lanes.

4 runs down the middle of the floor to the rim. (note: 4 must make sure the outlet pass is made, if note he must flash)

5 takes out the ball, and looks to be the trailer.
1 passes to 2 at the side line.
2 can pass to 4 posting up, or reverse the ball through 1, or skip to 5 or 3.

4 follows the ball across the lane

If 5 receives the pass he looks for 4 in a high low situation.

1 hugs the sideline, looking to step in for possible three point shot opportunity.

If 5 does not have 4 in the paint he quickly reverses the ball to 3.
After 2 sees 5 reverse the ball, he should be making a L-cut to set a back screen for 5.

4 looks to post up on the ball side block.
3 looks for 5 cutting, or to 2 at the top of the key.

From here we have court balance to start our offense.
Play submitted by: L. Obermayer

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