Animated basketball plays
Secondary break
Playname: Tex to flex
Transition from defense:

1 runs the break lined up with an elbow.

2 & 3 run wide lanes.

4 sprints and tries to seal under basket for 1st option - can receive pass from either 1 2 or 3 (depending on where defender is positioned).

5 trails the play.
If there is no option to 4 for quick entry - 4 goes ball side.

1 passes to 5.

4 screens 2 2nd option.

5 looks to feed 2 on flex cut under the basket or 4 on the open up.
1 down screens for 4 3rd option.

5 looks to feed 1 on the open up & 4 coming off the screen.
1 then clears to 3 pt line for spacing.

5 will then pass to 4 to start offense again.
Offense is now reset on the opposite side of floor and is repeated until open shot is found.
Play submitted by: Andrew Solewicz
Sub category: Offense flex

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