Basketball plays and drills
Playname: 10-10-10 part 1
1 is the shooter
2 and 3 the "passers"
4 and 5 the rebounders

1 steps in the lane positioning as he/she would to rebound a shot.  (Facing goal!)

2 throws the ball of the backboard and 1 rebounds the ball going straight back up and scoring.
5 steps in and rebounds the shot.
5 passes back out to 2 as 1 moves across lane to do the same from the left side.
3 now throws the ball off the backboard, and again 1 rebounds going straight back up to score.
4 steps in to rebound.
4 passes out to 3 and 1 crosses lane back to right side.
This continues until 1 has either shot 10 times or made 10 buckets, depending on how you want the drill run.

Rotation is clockwise.
Submitted by: Brett Burton
Category: Shooting
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