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Boxing out
Playname: 1:1 boxing out
Divide your team in a number of groups - two groups for one basket.

Shooters have the ball. Rebounders receive a ball after V-cut in-out!
He goes for the jump shot and shoots to the basket.

Shooter rebounds his own shot and makes an escape dribble to the active side.
He passes to the shooter.
The rebounder is now the defensive player and correctly closes out toward the shooter with the ball.

Attacker shoots to the basket.
Defender blocking out properly.
Both players go to the rebound.

If attacker rebounds his own shot, he is allowed for one more shot.
The game is finished when the defender catches the ball.
Players switch groups.


Teach aggressive and proper boxing out!
Demonstrate both principles of blocking out!
Balance, judgement and timing!  

In the beginning allow defenders to blocking out properly by penalizing attackers:
After the shot attacker must count to TWO then he is allowed to go for offensive rebound. This will give the defender enough time to concentrate on proper blocking-out!

When defenders become more successful, then this drill must be executed like in a real game!

Create own rules of playing 1:1 then block out! - Attacker shot on the spot, after 1,2... dribbles, etc...
Submitted by: Aljosa Sip
Category: Boxing out
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