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Boxing out
Playname: 2:2 boxing out
Divide your team into groups - two groups under one basket. In one group are taller players in other group are smaller players.
Two shooters with the ball are set in each side of the free-throw line extended.

First two players (1-red and 1-blue) are defenders; second two are attackers (2-red and 2-blue).

One of the coaches takes a shot. The defenders are going to the closing in and blocking out!
Both offense and defense go for the rebound.
If the offense rebounds the shot, the 2 on 2 game continues.

If one of defenders makes a defensive rebound, he should pass the ball to the one of two wing players as soon as possible.

Both attackers try to steal the ball or intercept the pass. The game is over when one of the wing players receives the ball from a defender.

Defenders switch places with both wing players.
The coach with the ball shoots and offense becomes defense. Pair Nr.3 are now offense.

The coach  (C on the right) without the ball receives the pass from the former wing player (6-red or 6-blue).

See 1:1 boxing-out!
Be creative and make your own rules!
Submitted by: Aljosa Sip
Category: Boxing out
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