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Offense 1 on 1
Playname: 1 on 1 with ball

Improvement of 1 on 1 offense in the central lane.

All levels

Work on a half court with a minimum of 3 players. The players are located at the pylons (one player under the basket and the other two at the crossing of the side line and the extended free throw line.

1 passes to 2 and 2 passes to 3.
At the same time 1 goes towards 3 to receive the ball in the central lane.

2 comes up to defend 1.
1 plays one to one, try to let him/her stay within the outer lines of the bucket.

It is also possible to limit the number of dribbles.
1 takes the place of 2.
2 takes the rebound and passes to 3 who already took the place of 1.
After the pass 2 goes to the place of 3.
Submitted by: Web Association Basketball Coaches
Categories: Offense 1 on 1, Defense, Offense, Passing
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