Basketball plays and drills
Offense 1 on 1
Playname: 4 second drill
Bruins 4 Second Drill

The focus of this is drill is to have the players be able to make a move and get an angle on the defender in a fast break situation.

The offensive player can start with a live dribble behind the half court line or in a triple threat stance on halfway.

The offensive player is only allowed 4 seconds to attempt a shot. After the shot is attempted, the defender must block out and get the rebound.
Coaching Points:

1. Use your dribble to get a high percentage shot.
2. If the offensive player blows by the defensive player we want the offensive player to put the defensive player on their back.
3. Attack the defender at an angle that will force them to turn and run.
Submitted by: Matthew Dunstan
Category: Offense 1 on 1
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