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Offense man
Playname: 20 - jacket
Start in a 1-2-2 with post players high and forwards low.

Down screen from the post players, guard chooses a side and passes, in this case to player 2.
When 2 receives the pass, 4 clears to the corner.  

5 quickly slides to the mid post looking for the pass from 2.

1 screens away for 3 coming to the top.
2 passes to 3.  

3 dribbles to the left looking for 5 coming off the screen from 1.
If 3 can't get the ball to 5, 5 clears to the corner as 1 steps out and sets another screen for 4 rolling across the paint.  

3 passes to 4.
Submitted by: Chris Calhoun
Category: Offense man
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