Basketball plays and drills
Offense man
Playname: 22
Starting positions play 22
(call = 22)
Make the setup of the play wide.!!
4 and 5 set a screen for 2 and 3.
2 and 3 come high.
4 and roll to the basket and might receive the ball when free.
If the pass doesn't go to 4 or 5 the ball goes to either 2 or 3.
Then a screen from ball- to weak side is set (in this case from 4 on 5).
Passing options
1. to the screening 4.
2. to the free 5.
The moment that the low screen is set !! 1 starts with setting a screen for 3.
When 4 set a screen for 5, 2 can look for a quick 1 on 1.
If 2 cannot pass to 4 or 5.
3 comes over the screen from 1 to the free throw line.
3 gets the ball and goes for a lay-up/1-1 or the short jumper.
Submitted by: Erik Timmermans
Category: Offense man
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