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Playname: 3-33
Three players underneath the hoop.
Coach with ball on right or left wing.

When the coach gives a signal, the three players run to the other side where they tip the baseline with their hand.
Coach yells 'ball' and passes to mid-court. Players run for the ball.
The first player to get in possession of the ball (in this example player 3) plays 1 on 2.
Player 3 tries to score (shot or lay-up). All three players have to contest the rebound.
Once the rebound has been caught, player 3 runs to the left or right corner and turns on his outer foot.
Player 1 an d 2 play full-court 1 on 1. Player 3 runs with them on the sideline. He doesn't take part in offence.

Player 2 tries to score, both players have to contest the rebound. Rebounder takes position in the middle, player who lost the rebound goes to the right wing.
Every player runs his own line untill they arrive at mid-court.
>From now on it's a three-man weave.

Player 1 stops with a jump-stop and finishes with a jump-shot.
Player 2 and 3 contest the rebound. Rebounder passes ball to coach and the drill continues with another team.

Make them run hard.
Strong offence.
Tough defence (no fouls!).
Agressive rebounding.
Use a time-limit (depending on the abillity of your team).
Submitted by: Martin Overheul
Category: Conditioning
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