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Warming up
Playname: 3 Man outlet trap 2 on 1
3 Man Outlet / Trap / Rotation / 2 on 1 Combination Warm Up Drill

Used for pre-game warm up.

Players 1 and 3 wide on baseline. Player 2 inside key.
Player 2 initiates the drill by throwing the ball against the backboard.

Player 1 then sprints to an outlet position, while player three runs the lane to half-way.
Player 2 outlets the ball and prepares to provide support to the "guard".

The guard dribbles towards the coach, simulating a trap condition.
The guard reverse pivots and reverses the ball to player 2.

Player two, immediately looks to pass the ball to player three who gets into a position to receive the ball - simulating a press break.

They dribble over the half way, then reverse and start to attack the basket (only the half court is used).

Player 1, then looks to play defense while players 3 and 2 play offense (2 on 1).
Coaches decide whether player 1 retreats to defend both or looks to defend the ball.

Offense looks to score of the fast break.
Submitted by: Jim Roditis
Categories: Warming up, Fast break, Passing
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