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Warming up
Playname: 3 pass 3 lay up drill
Warming up lay up drill.(six players or more.)

Three passes and three lay up's drill.

1 pass 3, 3 pass 2, 2 pass 1, 1 scores the lay up. 3 runs en hit's the sideline and then get's the rebound (before the ball hits the floor.) 2 runs also to the sideline and returns to get the pass from the 3 man and 2 wil make the lay up. 1 has hit the sideline and wil get the rebound (before the ball hits the floor). 1 rebound the ball en give's it to the 3 player. 3 make's the lay up. 2 wil get the rebound and give's the outlet pass tho 1.

The nex group can start with te same ball or another bal.

Theaching points: Hit the sideline always and don't let the bal hit the ground. The lay up is  a open lay up without a defender so ... ?

GJH (25/06/99)













Submitted by: Gerrit Jan Heijink
Category: Warming up
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